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Ing. et Mgr. Michal Lucki, PhD.


2004–2007: Ph.D. – Czech Technical Univ. in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Telecommunication Engineering.
Focus: photonic crystal fibres (under supervision of Prof. Bohac)
1999–2004: MSc. – Kielce University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Information Sciences, Department of Telecommunication and Photonics, Poland (under supervision of Prof. Suchanska).
Focus: contactless optical sensors
1996-1999 – First Secondary School in Starachowice, Branch: math/phys with extended English, Poland

Work experience

Since 2008: Researcher and lecturer at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Telecommunication (Transmission systems group - Prof. Vodrazka)
Since 2017: Lecturer at Department of Languages, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Dr. Salakova)
2013 - 2017: Lecturer at Vocational School for Electrotechnics, Prague
2013: Lecturer at Summer School, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
2005: Transparency International Czech Rep.
2004: Researcher, Kielce University of Technology (Division of Photonics, Prof. Suchanska)
2003: BPH PBK Bank (currently GE Money), trainee


Specialization.: optical transmission systems, photonics, security systems, optical modulations, technical English
• Papers in IF journals: 9 (2020), 6 reviewed journal papers, more than 40 indexed conference papers
Citations 161 (Google Scholar) (2020)
H-index: 7 (Google Scholar) (2020)
• Cooperation with Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Austria on optoelectronic components (Prof. Seyringer) and laser ablation (Prof. Zehetner)
• Cooperation with VSB - Technical University in Ostrava (prof. Voznak, prof. Vasinek, Dr. Latal)
• Cooperation with TU Kielce, Poland - geolocation systems (Dr. Plaza)
• Supervision of a team of PhD candidates within a number of projects
• Writing grant projects, investigating grant projects, writing final reports
• Professional tutor of English language; technical courses lectured in English, professional translation (e.g. English version of, and tutoring
• Writing technical documentation, technical manuals, reports, and papers in English, Czech and Polish
• Delivery of presentations and public speaking at the conferences
• Reviewing and evaluating technical works, grant proposals, papers
• Good analytic skills
More than 60 indexed papers, conference proceedings, book chapters, international approbation

Currently taught courses

Optical Systems and Networks – BE2M32OSS, B2M32OSS
Digital Technique – BE2B32DIT
Anglický jazyk 1 – XP04A1 (for PhD students)
Anglický jazyk B2-1 – B0B04B21
Anglický jazyk 2 – XP04A2 (for PhD students)
Anglický jazyk B2-2 – B0B04B22
Zaklady pocitacovych systemu – B0B32ZPS


• Telecommunication Lines
• Fundamentals of Data Transmission
• Transmission and Information Systems
• Physics in Electrotechnics
• Electronic Circuits for Security Systems
• Technical English

Supervised PhD students

• Ing. Richard Zelený, PhD - PhD thesis defended in 2016
• Ing. Rajdi Agalliu - PhD thesis submitted for the defence in 2017
• Ing. Stanislav Kraus
• MSc. Catalina Burtscher
• Ing. Kenneth Botah

Supervisor of master and bachelor students

• more than 30 Master (including several prized)
• 6 Bachelor projects in the area of optical components and networks

Selected projects

2015-2020: Investigator in several projects focused on pedagogy (VOV, Techpedia). 2010-2015: Investigator of the Ministry of Interior project, the modern structure of photonic sensors and new innovative principles for intrusion detection systems, integrity and protection of critical infrastructure (principal investigator Prof. Bohac)
2010-2012: Investigator of a few EU founded OPPA projects – creation of laboratory tutorials, summer schools, seminars (under Dr. Zeman)
2009-2011: Principal investigator of the Czech Science Foundation project (basic research), GAČR: Research of nonlinear phenomena of quantum structures to photonic crystal-based optical components of high-speed transmission systems
2007-2010: Investigator in international projects: ELefANTS/ElefANTC, Leonardo da Vinci Community Vocational Training Action Program (under Dr. Zeman)
2005-2007: the Czech Science Foundation project, GAČR 102/04/0773, navigation systems (Prof. Vejrazka)
2009: International COST Action MP0702 Towards Functional Sub-Wavelength Photonic Structures (prof. Marciniak)

Selected publications

[1]. Agalliu, R. - Lucki, M.: Benefits and Limits of Modulation Formats for Optical Communications. Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2014, vol. 12, no. 2, p. 160-167. Times Cited: 29
[2]. Zehetner, J., Kraus, S., Lucki, M., Vanko, G., Dzuba, J. - et al.: Manufacturing of membranes by laser ablation in SiC, sapphire, glass and ceramic for GaN/ferroelectric thin film MEMS and pressure sensors. Microsystem Technologies (IF=1.195). 2016, vol. 22, no. 4. Times Cited: 10
[3]. Agalliu, R.; Burtscher, C.; Lucki, M.; Seyringer, D.: Optical splitter design for telecommunication access networks with tripple-play services, Journal of Electrical Engineering (IF=0.524). 2018, 69(1), 32-38. ISSN 1339-309X.Times cited: 6
[4]. Burtscher, C., Seyringer, D., Kuzma, A., Lucki, M.: Modeling and optimization of 1 × 32 Y-branch splitter for optical transmission systems. Optical and Quantum Electronics (IF=1.055), Springer, 2017, 49(12), 395-407. Times Cited: 4
[20] Agalliu, R. Burtscher, C., Lucki M. Seyringer, D.: System improvements in dense wavelength division multiplexing networks by using advanced optical modulation formats, Journal of Electrical Engineering 69 (1), 32-38, 2018. Times Cited: 7
[5]. Zelený, R. - Lucki, M.: Nearly zero dispersion-flattened photonic crystal fiber with fluorine-doped three-fold symmetry core. Optical Engineering (IF=1.17). 2013, vol.52, no.4, art. no. 045003. Times cited: 5
[24] Zitta, T., Lucki, M., Vojtech, L., Neruda, M., Mejzrova L.: Experimental load test statistics for the selected IPS tools on low-performance IoT devices, Journal of Electrical Engineering 70 (4), 285-294, 2019, Times Cited: 1
[6]. Zelený, R. - Lucki, M.: Dispersion limits in the design of small-mode-area photonic crystal fibers. Optical Engineering (IF=1.17). 2014, vol. 53, no. 10, art. no. 105103
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[8]. Lucki, M. - Zelený, R.: Broadband submicron flattened dispersion compensating fiber with asymmetrical fluoride doped core. In Micro-structured and Specialty Optical Fibres II. Bellingham: SPIE, 2013, art. no. 87750M, p. 87750M-1-87750M-8. ISSN 0277-786X. Times Cited: 3
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[13]. Lucki, M. - Agalliu, R. - Zelený, R.: Limits of advanced modulation formats for transition in fiber optic telecommunication systems to increase speeds from 10, 40, 100 Gb. In Optical Modelling and Design III. Bellingham: SPIE, 2014, vol. 3.Times Cited: 2
[14]. Lucki, M. Boháč, L. Zelený, R.: Fiber Optic and Free Space Michelson Interferometer - Principle and Practice. In Optical Sensors - New Developments and Practical Applications. Rijeka: InTech, 2014. Times Cited: 3
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[16]. Burtscher, C., Seyringer, D., Lucki, M.: Study of Optical Properties of 1x16 Splitter based on Y-Branch and MMI Approaches, ICTON 2016 (18th International Conference on Transparent Networks), 10-14 July 2016, Trento, Italy
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[26] Burtscher, C., Lucki, M., Seyringer, D.: Waveguide shape modelling and optimization for high channel Y-branch splitter in optical transmission systems, 2018 20th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON), 1-4, 2018 [27]. Lucki, M. - Zeman, T.: Dispersion Compensating Fibres for Fibre Optic Telecommunication Systems. In Advances in Optical Fiber Technology, book chapter in: Fundamental Optical Phenomena and Applications. Rijeka: InTech, 2015, Times Cited: 2


2020: The Dean's Prize for pedagogical activities (based on students rating, Prof. Pata, Doc. Vodrazka)
2007: Best PhD project of the year 2007 at CTU
2007: The Dean’s Prize, CTU (Prof. Simak)
2007: The IEEE Prize
2005: The Rector’s Prize, TU Kielce (Prof. Suchanska)
for science


• Internship at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Research Centre for Microtechnologies, Dornbirn, Austria, 2014
• TU Dresden, Germany, DAAD Scholarship
• A great amount of business trips with public speaking: Brussels, Strasbourg, Munich, and many other
• Kielce University of Technology (Poland)

Reviewer for journals

• Journal of Lightwave Technology
• Telecommunication Systems
• Journal of Optics and Laser Technology
• IET Journal of Optoelectronics
• Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
• Journal of Electrical Engineering


English – C2
• Czech – C2 (18-year residence in Prague)
• Polish – C2 – native speaker
• German – B1
• French – B1
• Russian – A2


• Cross-country skiing
• English
• Radiation and nuclear power plants
• Travelling, cars

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