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, CSc.


+420 224352101
Technická 2: B3-706 / Olšanská 6: A-307
Deputy Head of Department
Assistant Professor
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Zdenek BRABEC has worked for over 30 years in the field of digital technology. Most of his time has been dedicated to public telecommunications services.

As a senior expert at one of the world's leading telecommunications operators, he participated in the development of its services in Central Europe. Then as the director of human resources for the Moravian region of the Czech incumbent telecommunications provider, he was part of a team that transformed it from a geographically structured, technically-oriented into a commercially-oriented, line-managed company. After this, he founded a start-up, which restructured the telecommunications services within several of the Czech Republic’s largest companies.
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He is currently teaching and conducting research in the Department of Telecommunications Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He specializes in Telecommunications Systems Management, dealing with the interactions between technical and business aspects of telecommunications.

He works with both undergraduate and postgraduate students and familiarizes them with current development trends. He has led dozens of undergraduate theses, involving detailed analyses of various aspects of telecommunications development. Each year he leads his students in the evaluation of developments in the ICT sector and its mains actors on a global scale. He has also led three doctoral theses on solving selected theoretical problems within his area of specialization.

Research enables him to maintain close contact with current practice. He has led or participated in the implementation of several major telecom projects for the Czech telecommunications regulatory agency, for various governmental institutions, and for some of the largest Czech companies.

He is actively involved in a variety of professional organizations, both at the international (e.g. ITU, OECD, EU, APEC) and national levels (the telecommunications regulatory agency, the legislature, the National Investment Agency, and various professional associations).