• Collaboration with industry is a part of research projects.
  • For the collaboration with industry, CTU Inovacentrum is our key partner, through which we handle contracts with major energy companies
  • In 2001, our RDC was established to cooperate with industry. It is a research and development center for mobile communication being a joint venture of CTU, Vodafone and Ericsson)
  • Development and Implementation Laboratories – LVR provides development and production of samples, prototypes and small series of electronic devices as well as diagnostics of electronic devices.

Selected contracts on expert activities in recent years - here are the list of long-term activities or significant from the point of view of the Department specialization:

  • Consulting for the Czech Telecommunication Office
  • Supporting the development of ICT network of PRE electricity providing company
  • A communication system for the Johann Gregor Mendel Czech Anarctic Station (in cooperation with Masaryk University, Brno)
  • Measurement and evaluation of parameters of communication cables for PRAKAB
  • Measurement and evaluation of the wireless networks for Yusen Logistics
  • E-Scribe - speech transcription for the hard-of-hearing, deployed in practice with the service providers in various sectors (Vodafone, ČSOB)