• 5Gmobile

    5Gmobile is a research laboratory focusing on key aspects and challenges related to the future mobile networks and emerging wireless technologies. See more at
  • Laboratory of broadband communications (714)

    It supports a number of practical teaching courses focused on the transmission path and the data transmission. see details
  • Laboratory of Digital Engineering (812)

    The laboratory for practical training in several courses dealing with the construction and design of digital and microprocessor components and systems. see details
  • Laboratory of Electromagnetic Compatibility (910)

    The laboratory is used for practical teaching of the course Electromagnetic Compatibility in Teleinformatics. see details
  • Laboratory of networks and electronic communications (703)

    Modern air-conditioned laboratory with 24 offices (20 places for students, 1 teacher, 3 in the research section). Designed for laboratory measurements, teaching, seminars, project and research work (internal and external), preparation of theses, exams. see details
  • Laboratory of transmission technology (710)

    The laboratory offers functional models of digital transmission systems.

    see details
  • Research and Development Center for Mobile Communication (505)

    It is intended for research, development and testing applications, allows the expansion and improvement of laboratory teaching at the Department of Telecommunications Engineering in mobile communication. see details