Here is the overview on the areas of activities, in which we find the potential of our eventual cooperation with companies or public institutions:

Consulting, reviews, publishing

  • Consulting activities in solving technical problems
  • Expert reviews and assistance in project evaluation, etc.
  • Help in making or lecturing professional publications (papers, brochures, manuals, etc.)
  • Preparation of a content and the creation of multimedia teaching materials and presentations

Testing & Measurement

  • Preliminary measurement and testing devices for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Measurement on symmetric metallic lines and digital subscriber lines (xDSL)
  • Preliminary measurement and testing telecommunication devices and their software (e.g. network exchange, ISDN terminal equipment, ATM, PCM, PDH, and SDH network elements, multimedia devices etc.)
  • Preparation and testing the applications for fixed and mobile networks

Solving engineering problems

  • Solving engineering problems (with regard to their complexity) in the form of either bachelor or master theses as well as by involving a team of students or the staff of the Department
  • Collaboration on investigating grant project and other research and development projects
  • Help in the selection of graduates, organization of groups of students to deal with one-off tasks

Cooperation with International Telecommunication Union

  • Participation of the Department in significant events organized by ITU
  • The intention to build up few Centres of Excellence and to get ITU certification for them in several fields
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