About us

ITU center of excellence for cyber security at CTU was established in 2015 under the auspices of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). ITU Centres of Excellence are professionally profiled, limited in number and are tasked to implement high quality standards of education and cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies. Centers serve as regional focal points for professional development, research and knowledge-sharing between academia and business.

The activities of ITU Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security are coordinated by the Department of Telecommunications Engineering Czech Technical University in Prague. Head of the center Ing. Jaroslav Burčík, Ph.D., burcik[zavinac]itu.fel.cvut.cz

Our goals

  • Increase professionalism and raise awareness on cyber security
  • Improve the environment for the promotion of cooperation between academia and the business sector

What we do

  • Training courses on cyber security (full-time and e-learning) with the use of modern educational approaches. Courses offered through the ITU website and Cedupoint. In 2016, these courses will be offered:
    • Cyber Security Awareness for SMEs
    • Cyber Security Lifecycle of the New Millennium
    • Cyber security for Industry 4.0
  • Educational activities for university and secondary school students, with the possibility of corporate practice.