ITU Academy
Spectrum Management Training Programme

2 semesters of blended learning
lectures – distance education
practical training and exams – 1 week per semester in Prague

Beginning on January 30, 2017
1st semester
Obligatory module OM1: “Legal Basis and Regulatory Framework of Spectrum Management”
Obligatory module OM2: “Spectrum Engineering Fundamentals”
Obligatory module OM3: “Wireless Telecommunication Technologies”
Elective module EM1: “Spectrum Monitoring”
2st semester
Obligatory module OM4: “Economic and Market Tools of Spectrum Management”
Obligatory module OM5: “Strategic Planning and Policies for Wireless Innovation”
Elective module EM2: to be elected
Elective module EM3: to be elected

Graduates will be issued ITU certificate

Tuition fee (for 2 semesters):USD 1000 (regular – to be paid before November 30, 2016)
USD 800 (early – to be paid before October 31, 2016)

Contact & registration:
Dr. Jaromír Hrad
e-mail: hrad[zavinac]
phone: +420 224 352 083