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Curriculum vitae 

Curriculum vitae 

Michal Vondra is a postdoctoral researcher at the School of ICT at KTH (Wireless@KTH), Sweden. He received BSc degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and MSc degree in Telecommunication Engineering and Radioelectronics from Czech Technical University in Prague, in 2008 and in 2010, respectively. In 2015, he received PhD degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Czech Technical University in Prague. His thesis "Allocation of Resources in Network with Small Cells" was awarded Dean's Award for the Dissertation thesis. Since 2010, he continuously participates in projects FP7 founded by European Commission (FREEDOM, TROPIC) and in several national projects. From January to June 2014, he was on internship at Performance Engineering Laboratory at University College Dublin, Ireland in 2014 where I cooperated on project TRAFFIC. From February to September 2016, he spent six months as a visiting researcher at Wireless@KTH where he was cooperating on ICARO-EU project. He has published more than 15 conference papers, journal papers or book chapters. He is a member of IEEE Communications Society. His research interest includes mobility management in wireless networks and vehicular ad-hoc networks, intelligent transportation system, and direct air-to-ground communication.


    2010 – 2015 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    Ph.D. in Electronic engineering Thesis: Allocation of Resources in Network with Small Cells

    2008 – 2010 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    M.Sc. in Telecommunications; Thesis: Assessment of speech quality in IP network

    2005 – 2008 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    B.Sc. in Telecommunications; Thesis: Analysis of links in the infrared spectrum


02 – 08/2016 KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, Wireless@KTH
Visiting researcher

01 – 06/2014 UCD University College Dublin, Ireland, Performance Engineering Lab
Visiting researcher

Selected recent projects

02/2016 – 08/2016 Project ICARO-EU;
EIT Digital project

09/2012 – 02/2015 Project TROPIC (www.ict-tropic.eu)
FP7 project (No. ICT-318784) founded by European Commission

01/2014 – 06/2014 Project TRAFFIC
Science Foundation Ireland

01/2010 – 12/2011 Project FREEDOM (www.ict-freedom.eu)
FP7 project (No. ICT-248891) founded by European Commission

    Selected recent publications
  1. M. Vondra, Z. Becvar, P. Mach, "Vehicular network-aware route selection considering communication requirements of users for ITS", IEEE Systems Journal, 2016, in press.
  2. M. Vondra, Z. Becvar, "Distance-based Neighborhood Scanning for Handover Purposes in Network with Small Cells", IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 65, No. 2, pp. 883 - 895 , 2016.
  3. Z. Becvar, P. Mach, M. Vondra, "Self-optimizing Neighbor Cell List with Dynamic Threshold for Handover Purposes in Networks with Small Cells," Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 2013.
  4. M. Vondra, Z. Becvar, “Self-configured Neighbor Cell List of Macro Cells in Network with Small Cells,” In IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications PIMRC 2013. London, UK, Sep. 2013.
  5. M. Vondra, S. Djahel, J. Murphy, “VANETs based Route Selection with QoS Guarantees in Smart Cities,” International Conference on Wireless Days WD 2014, Rio de Janeiro, Nov. 2014
  6. M. Vondra, Z. Becvar, “Considering Algorithm for Small Cell Cloud,” In IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking CloudNet 2014, Luxemburg, Luxemburg, Oct. 2014.